With the passing years, there is a relaxation of the facial skin. Particularly affected is the skin on the neck. Even if the face does not yet have strong wrinkles, it may still lead to a relaxation of the neck skin as well as the muscles are affected.

Moreover, in some cases, a shift occur in adipose tissue. Thus, the emergence of a so-called turkey neck and double chin called possible. This is an aesthetic problem for the entire face, neck and face are as closely linked.


Neither sports nor special diets are able to correct the fat around the neck permanently. In this case, is a surgical procedure in the form of a neck lift is the most sensible and effective way to get these problems under control.

Before the procedure:

To assess whether the surgical request is feasible, you should send us an initial 2 understandable Photos (profile from the front) or submit via e-mail. The day before the procedure refers to personal counseling, instead of medical education, and an analysis by the operating surgeon. During the consultation process and the course and the possible cut of the procedure is discussed and highlighted.

Hospital stay:

A day in a hospital (if necessary at the hotel)

An elastic bandage in the first few days is possible to reduce post-operative swelling

It used to be self-liquidating threads

Surgical procedures:

If the neck lift (neck lift) with Liposuction of the neck, first one starts with liposuction of the neck. For this purpose, after marking the fat deposits a special liquid to dissolve the fat injected under the skin. In this way the fat is liquefied, for example, the double chin, so that small additions (behind the ears or at the bottom of chin) can be extracted.

In an isolated liposuction then, the resulting skin incisions of 2-3 mm in length are sealed plastic. The resulting scars are usually later no longer visible.

Then the neck correction can also be extended for a neck lift. An approximately 1 cm incision on the underside of his chin is a small neck lift, a so-called Platysmaraffung possible. Here, if gathered under endoscopic subcutaneous muscle tissue.

to be removed for the neck lift, the excess skin, incisions are necessary to the ear. The skin is detached from the underside of the throat tissue, excess skin is removed, the bleeding is very gentle and thorough means of electrocautery. Where appropriate, small tubes are sewn to be removed on the first day after neck adjustment again.

The scars after a neck lift is minimal due to the finest plastic suture technique. They are at the fold to the ear cartilage and mainly behind the ear and are therefore not usually visible.


The surgical procedure of a neck lift is performed with general anesthesia on the patient.

After the operation:

Immediately after the neck lift surgery begins the treatment, which is just as important to the outcome as the surgery itself! The post-treatment and follow-up by the plastic surgeon must be strictly adhered to in order not to endanger the optimal result.

In the first days after surgery in the entire area of operations discomfort felt. Thus, the facial expressions and the movement of the head are somewhat limited. Usually pain medications are provided.

If 4 long weeks shall not exercise.

Sunbathing or tanning for 4 weeks at least avoid consistently

After the surgery, the patient should allow 5-7 days rest

After 8 days you can as you normally would hang a shower and make-up

Surgical scars:

The scars faded 6-8 months after surgery for neck lift.

Healing process:

About 6 weeks after surgery, all professional and social activities are carried out as usual.

Duration of operation:

The duration of the operation depends on the chosen method of operation. As a rule, you must expect 2-3 hours.