Do you also suffer hanging inner thighs? Do you mind the sight while wearing bathing suits or bikinis? Then you are on the right page! As a result of weight loss or simply due to a tissue aging become noticeable in the thigh visible changes which may not reflect the ideal of beauty. More and more women avail themselves of a thigh skin tightening. Modern Thigh allows you to set fine sutures and blood vessels and nerves precisely to each other. Anesthesia and surgical technique are now in the skin tightening on the leg not as stressful as before, and the resulting self-confidence is reflected not only in the most outer appearance again but also has a positive impact on the personal and professional life.

Before the procedure:

To assess whether the surgical request is feasible, you should submit to us first two photos understandable (body image from the front and side) or send e-mail to us. The day before the procedure refers to personal counseling, instead of medical education, and an analysis by the operating surgeon. During the consultation process and the course and the possible cut of the procedure is discussed and highlighted. During the consultation process and the course and the possible cut of the procedure is discussed and highlighted.

Hospital stay:

3 days in a hospital (if necessary at the hotel)

Remove self-dissolving stitches or 15 days later, the family doctor, the threads and bandages can.

6-8 weeks, the compression garments are worn day and night

Surgical procedures:

There are two methods for the thigh lift. One is the mini-Thigh with only one cut in the groin and the other of the T-section with an additional cut is perpendicular to the inner thigh. In this mini-Thigh the section runs from the groin to get in the way Pofalte. The skin and excess fat is removed, which partially prepared up to the thigh muscle must. Wherever possible cutaneous nerves are spared. Before the wound is sutured in layers, must be ensured that the tissue is fixed in a stable. Therefore, a fixed fiber layer (Scarpa fascia) in adipose tissue are sewn to the skin on the pubic bone. This is certainly one of the most important steps in thigh-tightening.

The large thigh lift is performed with a T-intersection. The advantage is a significantly greater tightening effect, but this is an additional vertical scar accepted. The length of the scar must be made by the excess skin and the acceptance depends on the patient. Sometimes just a scar from 5cm long enough to achieve a significant improvement in results. Otherwise, the definitions contained under ‘Mini-Thigh’ principles.


The thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia on the patient.

After the operation:

After the operation begins the treatment, which is just as important to the outcome as the surgery itself! 24 hours after the operation is complete bed rest. Must not act on rising train at the seams, not to interfere with the healing process.

6 to 8 weeks must be taken into a compression panty

2 to 3 weeks you should plan for peace and rest

6 to 8 weeks should physical exercise, prolonged sitting, heavy lifting, previous intensive movements should be avoided

6 weeks, not exercise

Avoid sun or tanning beds at least 6 months

Surgical scars:

After 6 months of the thigh lift scars are barely visible.

Healing process:

About six weeks after surgery, all professional and social activities are carried out as usual.

Duration of operation:

The duration of the operation depends on the chosen method of operation but must be expected in 4-5 hours normally.